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MICSAMS 2013 will present 7 Keynote Speakers

Makassar International Conference of Sport and Medical Science 2013 will be held on 4 to 7 September 2013. This activity presents 7 keynote speakers namely (1) the Minister of Education and Culture, (2) the Minister of Youth and Sports, (3) The Minister of Health, (4) Prof. Dr. Ultrich Hartman, (5) Prof. Djoko Pekik Irianto, M.Kes, (6) Prof. Drs.Toho Cholik Muthohir, M.A., Ph.D, (7) Prof. Dr. dr. James Tangkudung.

Activities held at the Pinisi Tower of UNM also plans to invite Rudi Hartono, Taufik Hidayat, and Anwar Tarra. For More information, the agenda, and Registration please kindly visit

Opening Ceremony of Ramadhan Lively 1434 H PPG SM3T UNM

Opening the Ramadan Lively 1434 H PPG SM3T UNM opened by the director of the P3G UNM on Saturday, July 21, 2013 in the courtyard of students dorm UNM. Activities will be held for 2 days with the theme " Dengan Semarak Ramadhan, Kita Wujudkan Guru Berkarakter ". Through this activity expected participants PPG SM-3T in addition have the ability as an educator, is also strong in the field of spirituality as a mosque Imam, Khatib Friday and actively involved in the social activities of other religious.

Drs Abdullah Pandang, M Ed in his speech stressed to participants that this activity is a learning process for Indonesia future teacher candidates in achieving competence as a professional teacher, develop a sense of awareness that in this life there is a spiritual element within that need attention. Activities that involve all participants PPG SM-3T of 3 dormitories also become a means to foster a sense of brotherhood among buzzing PPGT SM-3T UNM.

2nd Day of Online Tests SM3T, 122 Participants Online Along Without Constraints

Day 2 Online Exam SM3T 2013 attended by 122 participants. SM-3T program itself is Service Program for Bachelor of Education to participate in the accelerated development of education in the area of ​​3T (Terdepan, Terluarm Tertinggal) for one year as a professional educator preparation that will continue with the Professional Teacher Education Program. According to the schedule given by the Directorate of Higher Education, SM3T online exams at Universitas Negeri Makassar held for 5 days to be exact 19 to 23 July 2013, with a total of 1,242 participants. ICT Center has set up four rooms which can accommodate 150 participants in conducting online tests simultaneously. So far the implementation of the online exam went on smoothly without any meaningful constraints.

Welcomes Dies Natalis, UNM will Hold MICSAMS 2013.

Science and sports technology and medicine has grown rapidly in support of humanitarian efforts to be healthy, fit, and achievement. Sports technology have contributed to the development of physical education, sports medicine, sports performance and medical rehabilitation.

Therefore, it is important to listen and present progress and results achieved by science and technology and sports medicine in an international seminar, Which Makassar Conference Of International Sport And Medical Science 2013.

Activities held in Pinisi Tower, this plan will be implemented at 4-6 September 2013. The theme is "Integration of Education, Technology, Sports, and headed for Community Medicine & Dignity". The series of activities such as seminars, workshops, panel discussions, oral presentation, poster presentation, sport technology exhibition.

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